About Us

We are made up of a group of individuals who have a wealth of experience in health and social care and bring in associates with specific complementary skills as required.

At our core are:

Matthew is an experienced consultant with a varied background in financial management and strategic planning. Matthew is experienced in both business and social services. Matthew has over 10 years experience of financial management in various local, district and county councils. He has established a credible reputation for good financial discipline, professional integrity, innovation and process re-engineering. Matthew brings an extensive and reputable list of contacts within social service finance departments.


Anna is an experienced consultant with a varied background both within the public and private sector. Anna has significant experience in the delivery of frontline services together with over 10 years in financial management and financial system development. This has included the implementation of financial management systems in the House of Commons, RAC and of international and government local authorities. Anna brings strong interpersonal, creative and problem solving skills.


Mary is an experienced project manager with a background in strategic planning, research and operational delivery. With experience in business, social housing and social services, Mary has been part of major project management tasks and activities. She has been affiliated with major consultancy groups with international reach and has delivered tasks consistently and on budget. Mary brings credibility, intelligence and innovation to every endeavour coupled with an extensive repertoire of management skills and abilities.

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