We provide and facilitate a range of services that are focused on improving services for individuals in health and social care  through  improved positive personal experience, streamlined processes and cost-effective services. We pride ourselves on providing a no nonsense service that delivers what it needs to, when it needs to.


Gives you cost effective, wide ranging and accurate evidence of the level and standard of care and support received via interviews of individuals care network. For more information see . Read More >>


We can advise and support you to implement the best solution to meet your needs.

With the shift towards personal budgets, service users are benefiting from more choice and control over their services. As people become increasingly involved in the choice and control of these services, they are also likely to take a greater interest in their quality and value. The expectation of good value and the ability to see exactly what they are receiving and what they are paying for is likely to be a growing priority for services users and their carers. Read More >>


In the current economic climate, Process Matrix can create efficiency savings without adding cost.

Process Matrix understands the budget pressures that many organisations are currently experiencing and how much things are changing in social care. We know how to create efficiency savings without adding cost and can undertake projects from reviewing an organisation's financial planning structure and processes through to providing financial expertise on a day-to-day basis. Read More >>


We believe in commissioning high quality services that give value for money. We specialise in the use of technology to deliver innovative, reliable and cost effective services.

Radical changes in social care and significant spending cuts have all Councils and Clinical Commissioning Groups wrestling with the challenges of introducing commissioning for the widest range of services. Improving the process of commissioning so that high quality services deliver people choice and excellent value-for-money is where Process Matrix has considerable experience. Read More >>


We can help councils and service users on their personalisation journeys.

The Personalisation Agenda is all about giving those on social care a choice in how their services are provided. There is no longer a one size fits all system. Personal budgets mean personal choice. Launched in 2007 and backed by the coalition government, the idea of a personal budget is to give service users a full understanding of the finance available to them and advice on how they may use it. Read More >>

Peer reviews

Process Matrix uses a peer reviews to give a 'critical friend' viewpoint of an issue from people who understand the pressures that you are under. It is designed to be constructive, collaborative and supportive with the aim of helping you to make improvements. Read More >>

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