Gives you cost effective, wide ranging and accurate evidence of the level and standard of care and support received via interviews of individuals care network. For more information see www.q360.co.uk

Interactive quality surveys
Our interactive surveys are offered through a freephone number as an IVR Model which takes the respondents through the questions using their key pad to respond or via the internet as an easy to complete form. Face to face visits can also be offered to help completion of the survey.

Quality and wellbeing visits
Our quality and wellbeing checks are inclusive of providers. We work with providers so that they are aware of the format of the visit and able to receive feedback constructively and in ways that support them.

Self Review
Individuals, their carers, members of the family or provider staff may choose to carry out a self review and this can be facilitated by this tool and feed into the model as a way of capturing the information from a self review viewpoint.

Specialist services
You may wish to include specialist services within the model, for example using advocates to give feedback which can be captured and reported in the model.

Quality Assurance and Improvement
The model gives you clear points of improvement and evidence of improvement. It helps you to identify where your effort to improve quality need to be focused and where services are excelling.Q360 produces tailored reports that examines respondents answers andĀ  information within the organisation. CorrelatingĀ  all the data into a uniquely valuable information tool.

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